We welcome any and all of your questions and here is a list of frequently asked ones. Feel free to contact us or use the comment section at the bottom of the pageĀ  if you have a question not answered below.

Q. Do you work with our insurance company?

A. Yes! We work with your insurance company directly making the overall process easier on the home owner.

Q. How long does the roofing process take?

A. This depends on the size of your roof. In most cases roofs are completed in one day to two days.

Q. Do you fix the interior damage to my home caused by the leak?

A. Yes! We will repair the damaged drywall and anything else damaged inside and outside of your home.

Q. How do you protect my home during the roofing process?

A. We protect your home by covering the ground and landscaping with tarps, leaning plywood over windows and doors and running a magnet over your entire property.

Q. Is there a fee to inspect or estimate my roof?

A. No. All of our inspections an estimates are 100% free even if we do not do the work.